Moooi Coppélia

Arihiro Miyake

Coppélia Suspended Lamp

With a graceful sense of wonder, a beautiful mechanical doll appears to magically come to life in the famous ballet Coppélia. In the performance the ballerina traces, with sinuous movements, a delicate after-image in the air, which inspires the fluid motion in the design of Miyake's Coppélia Suspended Lamp. The graceful dance, staged by the three-dimensionally crossed wire structure, leads the spectator to dozens of glowing LED lights, which define the contour and the magical glow of Miyake's new interpretation of a classic chandelier. Coppélia Suspended Lamp comes to life in a whirl of flowing motion and sparkling light.

Coppélia Small

Coppélia magically comes to life once more, dancing the darkness away in an endless twirl of graceful motion and glowing LED lights. This time around the contours of her sparkling pirouette are more petite, with a diameter of 70 cm, making her the perfect dancing star of smaller spaces or prima donna ruling above the family dining table.

Arihiro Miyake

Born in 1975 / Kobe, Japan

Graduated from Kobe Design University, Japan in 1999 and Master degree in furniture and spatial design at Aalto University, Finland in 2002. After he had worked at a few design studios in Helsinki and Milan, in 2004, he established own design studio "Studio Arihiro Miyake" in Helsinki, Finland. The studio works internationally on the diverse design projects from the restaurant/exhibition architect to furniture/lighting designs. Arihiro is looking for the immortal aesthetics upon the innovative and technical challenges.

Technical specs

year of design

Electrolytic polished stainless steel frame, poly carbonate shades and suspension bracket.

Electrolytic polish (Chromed)


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